Dominate Shadows


1: Awakening  

Sabastian opened his eyes.It felt like lifting huge weights off the ground and flinging them huge distances. A vicious storm raged around him, determined to tear everything in its wake. Its wrath was endless. Just like the rabbit sitting next to him grumbling. Sabastian slowly stood up then regretted it; it felt like he was bending the world around him. A voice seemed to be whispering to him “Finally” it murmured with a hint of sarcasm. At first Sabastian thought it was the rabbit but the innocent eyes could not have been the whispering entity. 

“Hello?” he sheepishly said. “ Is anyone there?”. Of course no reply came. 

“ Hello sleepy” 

Sabastian jumped. It was the rabbit! 

“ Who are you?” he said 

“ I am your guide of course, who else would lead you to certain death?” It chuckled as its stubby, crimson tail wiggled in the storm. 

2: Live to rise 

“What?!” Sebastian leaped up to his feet and all of a sudden the rabbit got closer.

“It seems you still can leap the shadows” – it cringed if rabbits could do so.

“What is that?” he asked. 

“It’s your curse and blessing”. All of a sudden the tension of the air increases.The rabbits nose twitched uncontrollably as if you were putting pepper up there.

“Crap, Crap CRAP!” It yelled “use your shadow thing!!” It yelled.

“My what?”he asked  

“Your power what else?!”It wailed .

Sabastian suddenly felt a power course through his veins. In the distance a dozen wolf-like creatures appeared on the horizon. They looked like they came from hell itself. They were more bone than flesh; they had horns, a knife like nails that scraped across the stone carved floor .Sabatian enveloped in darkness and appeared behind the hellhound. They turned and pounced. As the hound’s eyes blazed, time seemed to slow, mist swarmed him and with the built up pressure he blasted the first two into darkness and their souls dissolved into emptiness. The rabbit yelled “For Panhaolo!” He screeched and dive- bombed the first one he saw and back flipped the first one and as he came back up his claws cracked the hound and hit it, whimpering as it turned to ash. Sebastian used the smog stuff to form a sword and they waded into the hounds slashing them all. 

3: Decisions

As the hounds disintegrated Sabastian felt a raw awakening inside of him. It was like someone handed you a sword to a stick fight. The beast fell as if they were being blown over by wind. They did not seem to care that they were being slaughtered. After minutes all that was left of the carnage was ash and the occasional horn that was sliced off. “That was easier than I thought.” The rabbit chuckled “You really are powerful, a good price to pay” he said. He seemed to be forcing the last words.

“What price?” Sabastian hesitantly asked.

“You give off a sent to all creatures of evil and the ones possessed by it” “ This kingdom Panhaolo has been cripple be evil for centuries now. Ruled by the king of evil Zeus.” He mournfully said. “I never introduced myself!” He cried. “I am Face Biter!”

“What? When was Zeus evil? I thought he was the peaceful god who ruled the sky! Why is your name Face Biter?” He confusingly stuttered. “I will name you FB for short” He declared.

“One, Zeus was corrupted by a self aware goo substance and he is my master. Two fine you can call me FB” He gumpley mummed. “That will not help you with your quest, Conquering the world as we know it and taking Zeus’s place and restoring your place as king of Panhaolo and destroying evil as we know it. “


“You see when Zeus was corrupted all evil had accesses to the overworld and you were almost killed in the fight to free your kingdom but we took you to that cave before, it just so happened to be of the ancient magic. The same magic that flows though your veins. I guess you want me to explain all of this to you? So the ancient magic was of the elements ;fire, water, earth and wind. However a evil sorcerer added shadow to the total, the ones that have some of this power in there veins will be able to possess the element but when shadow was added the rest seemed to be child play. The world evolved. Power is almost unlimited, though you may only use this power when a single person needs your help, there for people with this power were forced to do good. you have the same power…”

As they talked Sabastian realised that this quest was not be easy as pie it would be a long and hard road. He also felt like he could take on Zeus there and then, little did they know even with his power they would not conker it so easily. If we skip a day (as you do) we will find our hero hungerly wandering (FB ate the grass) and at a collapsing stage towards a destination that wont be so easy to conker…….

As they wandered on to no avail, Sabastian say something on the horizon it seemed to be a civilisation. With only the rabbit to talk with he got bored quickly and had longed to see other people. He rushed on towards it full of hope just to see mist. He swore he had seen something. The rabbit whispered “This is the town of wind spirits, those that have become loyal servants of the wind empire. They only will appear to those that are of the same substance. I Believe you can tern into a shadowy fog, That was the way you talked to them to negotiate.”

When hearing this Sabastian tried to deform himself but all that happened that he farted. Slightly embarrassed, he tried again too no avail after about an hour of this FB had started a fire and set up two shelters (one visibly smaller ). “Come on now you just standing there farting will not help anyone.” he sighed “you may as well eat this cooked apple, it was all I could find.”. Nipping on his first piece of food since that awakening he wondered weather he would figure it out. The best he could he do is produce gas instead of becoming it. “maybe try the opposite” the rabbit said “perhaps you just forcing your self to stay in the same substance.”. With that in his head Sabastian drifted into a shallow rest.

5: One of air

When he woke the rabbit had already found, and cooked 2 eggs. “I thought you were a herbivore?” He asked. The rabbit only gave him a stern look that said don’t question. As he ate he remembered the FB’s statement from last night. “What do you mean by try the opposite?” Then it hit him. He relaxed and he felt a sensation in his chest it was like his life and soul as disintegrating into smoke when the felling was over he looked at himself and he was a twining piece of black smog formed into his shape though it looked like he was burning.


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