Cake! (making)

Yesterday I went and thought cake. I mean who doesn’t want it? So I went and made one with my sister and mum. In this post I will be showing you the process of making THE CAKE.

The first step was to design it and decide what to do with it. Icing or royal icing is up to you. I decided to do a crap drawing of a fondant covered two layered cake with raspberry buttercream in-between the levels of cake. On top of the cake there is a little person that’s been draw on with edible pen. that’s been butter creamed to the cake.

This is my basic design that depicts the previous paragraph.

Next you need to make the cake we used a merry berry recipe ( chocolate traybake) when that’s in the oven get some frozen raspberries and put a sieve on a measuring cup and put the raspberries on the sieve when the cake is done and on the side check the raspberry’s when there not frozen squeeze the juice out of then. then put about 50g in a mixer bowl then you whip the butter and add icing sugar until it is thick and its all one then add the raspberry puree at a bit at the time until it tastes like raspberry buttery icing thing.

when you have added butter cream if you have two layers I covered it with rolled out fondant and covered my person in green fondant and drew a face and clothed him. By now my cake look like this.

Buttercream and fondant added

Then the finishing touches I added some Buttercream in different places to hide the holes and to make it look a bit better. Viola you have a cake of some sort!

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