Warbreaker by Brandon Sandon is one of my favourite books. It is based on the fact that people can “awaken” objects with no life and take it back. If they are powerful enough they can manipulate colure. there power is called “Bio Croma” or Breath, people can collect it from others if they are willing or force to say seitan words.

The story starts in the points of views of a disobedient princess, a lazy god who came back from the dead and another princess who hires mercenaries to help her. They all head to or live in the “city of colours” for different porpoises. One tries to get the disobedient princess back from being forced to marry the God King of the city. The lazy God lives like a god but then a servant is murdered in the palace so he investigates .

I would rate this a 5 out of 5 because of the detail of the settings and the suspense with other things creates a magnificent story. I highly recommend you read this book on either audible or your self.

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