ARK:Valguero Wyvern location and tips

On ARK I have been tampering with the fact of wyverns coz why not? Wyverns are amazing! So one you tube video later I flew over to the top right corner of the map and found the entrance. When you get there, a lode of ice wyverns will be flying around at the roof of the cavern. In this is the difficult part.

I would get 2 or 3 Pteranodons because (unless you have a OP argeantavis that can kill them) one will fly around distracting them all so the second one can fly in and yank some eggs. when you get back you should put the eggs strait in the fridge not a preserving bin.

The reason I would chose Pteranodons because there the eases flyers to get if they die and one of the quickest with the mod “classic flyers”. I would also forget all of my stuff except my food and water so I can heal an d not die.

See the source image

this is example of the fire and ice eggs. ( pick is from the internet its not mine)

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