Life In the Corona Period

I am writing this because 1 my mum said so and 2 perhaps someone from the future will see this a learn stuff. So in the piece of work I will be explain what life is like right now in 2020 AD.

Life is boring I cant be in et same room as anyone who has symptoms of the virus and if I happen to get it I will not be able to leave the room If was showing symptoms visibly. Its common knowledge that anyone at about 60+ will be in danger of death from the worrying virus. Anyone very young (1 to 2) will also be in danger. If you have a existing condition if lung disseise or a form a asthma you could be in danger.

By the 24th of March travel was only for exercise (30 minutes a day) and necessary shopping. You were only allowed to leave the house every day if you had a job that very necessary to life ( Doctors). There children had to go to school but the rest of adults and parents had to teach there children at home. On the 20th of March schools were officially closed.

I am finding life very tedious and boring. I am being gradually being cut of from the world. All I have to communicate with the out side world is my phone and online video games. Its a bit annoying having to cook all the time, but its understandable. Having to sort of take care of my mother is bit annoying as well (Its not my fault the mayonnaise was not spread).

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  1. Good info (but are the very young at extra risk too?) but I wanted to know what it’s like for you? Are you finding it hard not seeing your friends? Are you bored of cooking food for your poorly mum already? Is it fun or bad to be home?

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